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SanSys Enterprises Private Limited- OPC is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company based at Tingrai Chariali, Dibrugarh, Assam. The company primarily work as Consultant in the field of Engineering and Educational Technology, Sales of Industrial Machinaries, Spares, Office Stationaries and Equipment. Tingrai Chariali is the headquarter of the company and is the proximity of nearby states like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland etc. with very good surface and air communication.

T The company has recently acquired the rights of operation of Smart School Education Pvt. Ltd within the region of ASSAM and ARUNACHAL PRADESH. Smart School Education Pvt. Ltd. is recognised and approved by the CBSE for its contents and is the official content provider for Comprehensive Online (and Offline) Learning Management System for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) vide CBSE Letter of Award CBSE/ACAD/DIR (ART&I)/RFP (CCE ONLINE)2013 dated 20.05.2013 of CBSE. The company has been actively providing innovative educational solutions to various educational institutions in India and abroad. SanSys Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (SEPL) is dedicated to provide quality education to schools and vocational training institutes by introducing the modern digital tools of education and with its acquisition of Smart School Education Pvt. Ltd. its qualitative range has been further enhanced. SanSys 'Smart School' transforms traditional classrooms into futuristic technology-enabled learning environment. Through its products viz SmartSchool ICT, Tutor and ExamGuru, SanSys Enterprises Pvt Ltd-OPC has taken a step in this direction to expose the students of ASSAM & ARUNACHAL PRADESH to the latest in e-learning technology with High Definition Animated content for Classes K-12 for schools.

The traditional system of education was only the one way deliberations by the teacher without feeling the pulse of the targeted students and hence the classroom was characterized by students sitting through hour-long teacher monologues. We have made a paradigm shift in this attitude and keeping pace with the educational system of developed countries, education is being implemented through participation of the learners and made the classroom environment more inclusive and participatory. We have followed the latest and techno-psychologically researched methods of imparting education without causing duress or depression to students. SanSys brings about a complete transformation in classrooms. This results in faster and accurate understanding of the concepts in class and helps improve the overall academic performance of students. Teachers are able to keep students engaged in the learning process and also get an instant and accurate assessment of learning outcomes achieved at the end of the class. Our educational content is based on the theme of Multi-Sensory Learning. It has been scientifically proven that content based on Multi-Sensory Learning imparts better learning experience to the students.

Delivering Education through innovation and research

Our eLearning products have been developed by top eLearning professionals after years of research and innovation. Fuelled by over 11,000 man hours of development, our products have been designed to provide cutting edge solutions to varied learning needs. We believe in our products and hold ourselves to the highest standards.


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